Day 34

Thursday, 4th September 2014, 12.25am.

"Up and Away!"

It was a week of holiday in Hamburg, Germany after a month of cycling from London to Dortmund, Germany. So many places we've been, so many terrains we've road, and we're thinking about staying a week after we've seen Hamburg for the first time, bike friendly road, so many cyclist, kind hearted friends, nice city with spectacular view of the old buildings, well organised train and we could train hopping around Hamburg for free!

We can say that all bicycle's scene in this world are connected through social networks. We're driven by same passion makes us unite in a very special way, and I always remind myself that in travelling, we actually have so many friends, so many families in any part of this world, it's just we didn't met them yet, and to meet them, we have to cycle slow, take time to find friends, locals that could hosts you for a night or two. There's always someone, kind hearted willingly to let you stay at their house, and you'll be shocked by the trust that they've put on us. For me, 'trust' is something that is real hard to earn, and I appreciated it and will always bear in mind to never ruined it even with both of my parents!

So, this is how this stories started, we've been staying at Benny's place, quite helpful, kind-hearted, always bit worried about us not having so much fun in Hamburg and thanks for everything. Thanks for sending me some stickers and goodybag from Suicycle Store before this in Malaysia and support our merchandise too!. Thanks to Benny from Hardbrakers again to introduce us to this bike store called Suicycle Store. First time we came to the store, our eyes stunned by the beautiful Cinelli Hobo Bootleg, a perfect machined for our epic journey, "Journey to Homeland"!

During the stay in Hamburg, we've tried to email the Suicycle Store about our journey and asked for sponsorship of the Cinelli Hobo Bootleg for the two of us, and one of the owner gave us a positive replied said that they can't give a free for the bikes but could give us a big discount for it. So, after thinking for a while, because of we didn't have that much money to buy it and suddenly we think about the money that sponsored by ' Trip Eropah Management UK ' which just a small one but could afford our expenses for food every half of each months, but after we combined it altogether yeah, that money could get us the bikes as well. 

We did emailed them asking for an advanced payment but after two days waiting for the reply, we couldn't get it as they'll stick with the monthly payment as agreed before. As I really need to change the bike fast because there's a slightly problem with the front disc brake and just relying for the rear brake only plus the bikes are bit heavy with the absorber in front with no lock. So I decided to ask for an advanced payment from my parents for the bikes, and later will payback from the money that I get from the monthly sponsored payment. 

All going well, money transferred and I get the bikes with a very big discount thanks to Suicycle Store, Jan and Alex for all the free stuff, cycling cap and tees and free services, plus Alex helps us a lot solving the problem for the front rack and all is well now. The day when we're leaving to Berlin, Jan Van Endert who were the photographer for the Suicycle Store wanted to take some photos of us in front of the shop, and thanks for the coffee that morning too! 


Have a look at his works, super talented. Drive by passion! Inspiring! Enjoy! Thanks Hamburg! Till we meet again!

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