Day 38

Sunday, 7th September 2014, 1.17am


We arrived in Berlin from Hamburg, and going to stay at one of our host friend back in Cologne. They help us ask his friend called Stefan Beerbaum if he have a place for us to stay on Monday, and he said yes! So we go to Berlin, met him and we've go on the top of one of the building near to his house to watch sunset in Berlin, the view really breathtaking! We talk a lot, about life, about ourselves, about Berlin history and Stefan also once travelled the world by bicycle and have travelled in Malaysia too!

He lives in Neuk├Âlln, the hippest place in Berlin and lots of immigrant especially from Turkish and Russian. We could see most of Turkish people conquered almost half of the shops there, they have their own shop, barber, food shop and mosque. So its easy for us to find halal food here, plus standard of living here in Berlin also a bit cheaper compared to Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg. Food and apartment rent is cheaper here, so that's explain why there's so many immigrants comes in Berlin!

The next day we roam the city of Berlin, go some sightseeing with bikes, learning the history about the east and west Berlin, about Berlin wall and we can see that many architecture in Berlin we're influenced by the Russian architectures. The official purpose of this Berlin Wall was to keep Western “fascists” from entering East Germany and undermining the socialist state, but it primarily served the objective of stemming mass defections from East to West. The Berlin Wall stood until November 9, 1989, when the head of the East German Communist Party announced that citizens of the GDR could cross the border whenever they pleased. That night, ecstatic crowds swarmed the wall. Some crossed freely into West Berlin, while others brought hammers and picks and began to chip away at the wall itself. To this day, the Berlin Wall remains one of the most powerful and enduring symbols of the Cold War.

We also try to find a new hubs for Azrulhan bike because he's bike have only 3 gears and that's not suitable when we meet the Alps later! So, from one shop to another we go, still can't find, plus we also find it in ebay but still nothing we're in a good condition. Stefan also help me to get cheap pannier bag in ebay and we got a secondhand pair for only 50euro, well actually its 59euro but then after we say we're on a big trip and he gave us a pair for only 50euro, plus its was never been use and still new in plastic bag!

Then Stefan had to go to work and we stay at home, thinking and that time Azrulhan family called and they talked about this issue we have and his parents agreed to gave him an advance payment to buy new bikes and I text the owner of the shop in Hamburg and they said yeah, we could give you another one with the same price as before, the deal is still on! So we wait for Stefan back from work and packed all our luggage and go to Hamburg by bus because that's the fastest and cheapest. Every bus here got a place for bicycles!

It takes us about 4 hours from Berlin to Hamburg by bus and waiting for the shop to open up, they get the bikes ready and we change a new rack and ready to roll! So we took another bus from Hamburg back to Berlin but we just sleep beside the river without set our tent, just with our sleeping bag on the bench. In afternoon while still looking for a place to stay that day we visit the Keirin Bicycle Culture Cafe in Kreuzberg because they know the owner of bicycle shop that sponsors us in Hamburg, we also know them the legendary Gary & Mo, bike messenger in Berlin for more that 10 years and also Mo did a tour with fixed gear from Berlin to Mongolia! They gave us a cycling cap and stickers and free drinks! The other day also we got free service for the bikes! Thanks, appreciate it a lot!

The next day while looking for a place to stay, our email to the embassy replied by Sir Afeek, it was a relieved since at that moment it looks like its going to be rain that night. Sir Afeek welcomes us to his resident in Malaysian Embassy and we stayed there for 6 days! Given food and nice room, warm shower, clean our clothes and we also given help by one of Malaysian that have stayed in Berlin for more than 20 years, help us getting another pannier bag from another ebay seller that her house almost 30km from our place by his car, we also have a 'teh tarik' before back to the embassy resident.

We had some photoshoot with Ambassador Dato' Salman Ahmad with all the staff in Botschaft Von Malaysia on Tuesday and flag off on Thursday, thankfully he gave some donations to us for the journey and some advice and pray. So we off to Dresden that day but stop for wild camp near the elb river in Coswig. New bikes makes us a bit comfortable when riding. Thanks Suicycle! Thanks Cinelli! Thanks Hamburg! Thanks Stefan! Thanks to the Ambassador and all the staffs! Appreciate every seconds time we've had with all of you!

As recommended by Sir Afeek, we also did go to the Mauer park that sells second hand item. There's so much second hand item you could find almost everything here from small keychain till furniture! Mauer park is the biggest second hand market in Berlin and close a bit late, but if you want to get great and rare item, you must be here early in the morning!

One of our couchsurfer friend back in Reims france said to us, life when travelling with couchsurfing is like a snowball, the more you keep on rolling with kindness and respect and honesty, the bigger your snowball will be. But let the snowball remains white and pure, never get it's dirty even for a bit, people will see it anyway. Thanks for the advice! We will keep that in mind for sure!

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