Day 57

25th September 2014, Thursday, 7.22pm

"Colder outside, Warmer inside"

"I truly believe that everyone that we met were put on our path for a reason. There are no accidents; we're all teachers - if we're willing to pay attention to the lessons, we will learn, trust our instincts and do not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking in front of our door."

We cycled from Dresden heading to Czech Republic border, while on our way to the border we've met a couple cyclist both from Ireland and Germany we're on their trip touring the world. At first everything we're seems to be good but later they have a problem with the bikes and its all change from that moment. They wanted to go to the nearest bike shop because the problem is difficult to handle and doesn't have enough tools and asked us to go first and don't wait for them. So we exchange name card and website, saying goodbye and wish goodluck. May our path crossed again someday!

After that we cycled along the Elb river because the river can get us to Czech Republic, we got an invitation from one of our instagram followers. He invited us to his parents house but he's now working in Singapore and he called his parents tells about us and their parents gave us a place to crash that night. We cycled until 11pm across the forest, darkest and silent night, only the sounds of our tyres heard that night, we rarely changing gears because the sounds could attract attention of wild animals if they're somewhere near us.

We passes small villages along the route and finally we managed arriving at Litomerice, Czech Republic. Without network, we only have the address given by Pavel and it's already almost 12am, we found the house as in address and rang the bell, heard a voice from upstairs and Pavel mother opened the door, laughing and smiling, inviting us into their house. After showing us the room, Pavel father came down, meet and talks with us using google translator while his mother preparing us something to eat and drink. We slept comfortably and leave the house in the morning at 10am after having a proper goodbye with his mother. Thanks for giving this strangers shelter and foods Pavel and family, appreciate the trust given!

We also have a host waiting for us in Prague, Mr Ondreg Kaspar, after arriving we've given a room, a kitchen and a toilet just for us upstairs, it's really a big house! The next morning we go for a quick trip around Prague by bicycle with him but he had to leave for work after that so we do the tour by ourselves after that. On our way back home, one cyclist greet us asking where us from and praising that we've a great bike, before leaving he said he have an apartment in Brno, CZ and it's on our way to Vienna so if we wanted to stay at his place just let him know, but sadly we don't have his number.

Next morning, one of our Malaysian instagram follower left a comment saying that he and his family are currently traveling in Czech Republic and would love to meet us, unfortunately Azrulhan couldn't go along because he had injured his knee while on our way to Prague and he's in recovery mode, so I go alone to the central to met the Malaysian family. While on my way to the central, I bumped again with the cyclist that we met yesterday at the central and he gave me his name card, his name is Misha Pekarek and apparently he have a media company based in Kuala Lumpur!, what a miracle! Then I continue cycling to meet the Malaysian family at the Islamic central, they treat me a lunch and also did had a photography session with his family, thanks for inviting us!

We stay at Mr Ondreg house for a three days then he had to go out town for a wedding so do we, then we go to Islamic center for Friday prayer and met some Malaysian students at the restaurant. Suddenly there's an email from Puan Aida, Penasihat Kedutaan (Pendidikan Dan Kebudayaan), Malaysia Embassy in Prague want to meet us at 3pm, and then her husband, known as Abang AG telling us to go to their house directly but with respect of Pn Aida, we wait until 7pm before going to their house. We've been given a big room, Abang AG also make us Pisang Goreng with sambal kicap Johor! Ohh, it's been a while, a life without Pisang Goreng in Europe! Thanks for that Abang AG.

The next day, Malaysian Embassy were participate in ASEAN, we met so many people there, the ambassador PYT Nadzirah Osman, Malaysian student, and also Malaysians who lives in Prague, Czech Republic. We also help the embassy and get to sell approximately 1000pcs 'satay' during that day!. Then, we go to one of Malaysians who work for DHL Company, we celebrate a farewell party for Mr Nik Yon who will be transferred to Contiki, Afrika, and apparently Mr Nik Yon knows our cyclist friend in Kuala Lumpur, Mr Tiar Ramon.

The next day, one of Malaysian student who studied General Medicine in Olomouc, CZ also were one of Malaysian Backpackers active members, Siti Fatimah Zaharah caled as Akieyyy come all the way from Olomouc to bring us sight seeing around Prague city, but first we go to one of Malaysian Embassy house for another farewell party, and then we go around the town by tram and walking. We also tried the Czech Republic bread called 'trdelnik', super yummy, it look crisps at the outside, but tender inside. A must try if you're in Czech Republic and we really had a great time in Prague!

On Monday, we've had a flag off by Abang AG and Malaysians student for continuing our journey to Brno, we called the cyclist Misha Pekarek and met him in the center, he gave us the key of his house and he also called his friend, David to wait for us and show us how to on the electricity and water pump, he closed them because he rarely back in Brno. That day we safely arrived in Brno and met David, he showed us the house and switched on all the electricity and water pump, thanks for the time and help David! Mr Pekarek house is uphill and a bit far from the city, but from his house we could see entire Brno city, what a beautiful view!. He also said to just use whatever is inside the house just don't burn the house.We stay there for a couple of days and it's hard for us getting an internet connection, so we asked a help from  Akieyyy if there's a student house in Olomouc that we could stay for a night or two while waiting for Mr Pekarek coming to Brno that weekend. Thankfully, we got a place to stay in Olomouc with Akieyyy junior house, Kalam, Fikri and Kathi We pray 'Solat Jumaat' in Olomouc, interestingly the Imam for Jumaat prayer by the Malaysian student! Proud!

Friday night we go back to Brno from Olomouc and cleaning up the house because Mr Pekarek were coming by the next day. Tomorrow morning we go for breakfast at Cafe Plazcek and met one Brazilian fixed gear cyclist, Rafael, work for IBM in Brno and already stay here in Brno for two years, we greet each other and he had to go to work after that. Later on, Mr Pekarek arrived and invite us cycling with him but we didn't use a proper cycling attire and he just bring us to the new cafe for cyclist called 'Fixed Beer Brno' and he said he will be coming back in 2 hours. So we stay at met the owner, Mr Sabit, we talk about our cycling adventure and from that moment, the news spread and all the cyclist in Brno knows us. Everywhere we go, people will say, hello Malaysian people while waving their hands.

What a great memories created in Czech Republic, so many people with kind hearted we've met here. Something that will permanently stored in my memories, I will comeback here later for sure just to try paragliding, hiking and so many more sports activities because its cheap here in Czech Republic compared to the other European countries!

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  1. Akan ikot jejak langkah korang suatu hari nanti.. teruskan perjalanan. semoga selamat semuanya. jap. mmg kene kurang tukar gear eh kalau lalu kawasan hutan. huhu



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