On December 2011 i and my friends have blast the Malaysia by our 800km from kota bharu, kelantan to Ampang, Kuala Lumpur(croszline)..it took us 7 days in complete the mission. These are our timeline:

day first, 8am - arrive at kota bharu and started to ride at 11am and we arrive at kuala terengganu around 4.30am(200km) with a welcome from GOHEK, terengganu fixed gear community..they find us a place to sleep.thanks guys:)

day 3nd, 8am - we ride to dungun, and stay at mcdonald. the manager let us sleep there.

day 4rth, 6am - we ride to kuantan, pahang, stay there for two days.

day 5th, 8 pm - we ride 200km from kuantan to negeri sembilan..the hardest route where we in the hutan simpan( no stall/kedai makan/r n r)..mentality down, exhausted, tired..we have been warned to get out from muadzzam before dark( the place is full of wild animals when its dark).

day 6th, 5am - we arrive at senawang, we through the bukit putus, the starting of the banjaran titiwangsa, and we sleep at our mate homes at senawang.

day 7, 8pm - we ride to croszline and arrived at 3am. special thanks to Wild Dogs Brigade for wait celebrating us there.

Special thanks to: Screwlose fixed, KTNFX, GOHEK, Grip Reaper, United Angle Bike Shop and Ejump Platypussr and their familia (WDB).


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