This is the first time for us participating in the local brand design bazaar, support us, come to our booth, meet and greet us there lads n lasses! We really need your supports, lots of unique clothing, quality backpack and many more! All comes in really limited unit like we always do! Trust the limited! 

Support your local brands! Proud wear 'em homies!

Available products for the SICK SIDERS MALAYSIA TEMPATAN FEST 2.0 are here;


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About Us

Malaysia based apparels, goods, merchandise, bicycle parts makers and supply. We also inspiring and empowering people to travel by bicycle as a part of life for better nature.


We and the brands are the same entity and run by the same people, we market how we want, move it at our own pace and remember to never outsell or outgrow our seams. We look to seed at the right pace, continue to be individual in our own nature. Our Product are limited quantity. We customize apparel from tops to bottoms.



"JOURNEY TO HOMELAND" This mission is about two brave youth with passionate in cycling and fear nothing, are going to embarks one of the greatest journey in their life to discover the unknown land and people they haven't met yet in their life. Crossing more than 22 countries; treacherous environment ranging from forest, desert to the snowy village road, encounter hundreds of different languages and last but not least, the burning temperature of Iranian desert. This journey will set a wildfire to Malaysian people to explore the world beyond their horizon! DREAM; EXPLORE; DISCOVER!

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